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Papillion La Vista High School Basketball Flag

Papillion La Vista High School Basketball Flag

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Show off your school spirit to the neighborhood with this eye-catching Papillion La Vista High School Basketball Flag. Great for friendly school rivalries or to simply get the students in the neighborhood excited about returning to school, this garden flag is also a great way to show off your personality to your friends and your neighbors

  • Measures  12" x 18"
  • Size can vary by 3/4" inch
  • Double-sided for display flexibility
  • It will fade over time.


  • Garden Flag rubber stoppers suitable for 0.24 - .28 inch diameter flag pole
  • Durable solid rubber and plastic material
  • Easy to use, perfect garden flag accessories for your flag stand
  • Keep your garden flags in place with these sturdy rubber stoppers and clips
  • The clip holds the corner of the flag in place and keeps the flag from flipping around.
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