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Military Pride Personalized Flag

Military Pride Personalized Flag

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This Personalized Military Flag will beautifully enhance any garden! Your passersby will love it! Add a distinctive touch to your yard or garden and display your family pride with your name and house number, wish your guest happy greeting flags, or make a special announcement. Great for a warm welcome, your guests will feel right at home with these flags. 

  • Measures  12" x 18"
  • Size can vary by 3/4" inch
  • Double-sided for display flexibility
  • It will fade over time.

• Garden Flag rubber stoppers suitable for 0.24 - .28 inch diameter flag pole
• Durable solid rubber and plastic material
• Easy to use, perfect garden flag accessories for your flag stand
• Keep your garden flags in place with these sturdy rubber stoppers and clips
• The clip holds the corner of the flag in place and keeps the flag from flipping around.

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