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GoGo® USA Wild Stressless™ Beef Training Bits

GoGo® USA Wild Stressless™ Beef Training Bits

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The Back Story Behind GoGo Stressless Treats

What happens when we all join hands around paradise? We save and restore it!

The paradise of Hawaii is more than just a place to vacation to us. It’s the place that nurtures and supports us. It’s the foundation of our family community.

You become O’hana (family) when you purchase a GoGo Stressless Treat for your pet. Because your purchase drives a cycle of good that extends all the way back to the very soil of Hawaii.

Living stressless lives, Hawaiian deer and cattle populations have grown and are now damaging the Hawaiian ecosystem. Where they roam as much as 90% of the original Hawaiian grass and forest lands have been clear grazed and destroyed. Our community is working to fix this.

To begin, Hawaiian reforestation experts have determined that 500,000 pounds of wild protein needs to be removed to succeed. The animals are now being humanely harvest, not simply slaughtered and wasted. The largest portions of the harvest provide a healthy source of food for local communities in need. The excess beyond this is shared by the human restaurant industry and GoGo Pet.

As invasive deer and cattle are removed, original Hawaiian trees and vegetation are reintroduced. To date, 4,500 acres are in the first stage of reforestation. Thank you for helping us return to paradise!

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