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Farm Life Adorable Flag

Farm Life Adorable Flag

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Make your event the talk of the town with one of our Farm Life Adorable Flags that can be completely designed for your event. Our farm life flags will take your most memorable and treasured achievements and bring them to reality for all to see on a one-of-a-kind lifelike flag.

  • Measures  12" x 18"
  • Size can vary by 3/4" inch
  • Double-sided for display flexibility
  • It will fade over time.

• Garden Flag rubber stoppers suitable for 0.24 - .28 inch diameter flag pole
• Durable solid rubber and plastic material
• Easy to use, perfect garden flag accessories for your flag stand
• Keep your garden flags in place with these sturdy rubber stoppers and clips
• The clip holds the corner of the flag in place and keeps the flag from flipping around.

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