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Chihuahua Wind Spinner

Chihuahua Wind Spinner

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Find fun and joy by seeing the dog move and spin with the wind. Our wind spinners are laser cut from durable powder-coated steel to prevent rusting and dyed with a special baked-on powder-coated ink that gives them a high gloss finish. As the Wind Spinner rotates, the reflections provide an illusion of the center image expanding to the outer ring of the Wind Spinner. Each side has the same design but is mirrored horizontally and symmetrically so both sides spin with the same outside details.

  • Double-sided for display flexibility
  • They are made with a durable powder-coated steel
  • This will look stunning in your garden, yard, or hanging on your porch.
  • This beautiful wind spinner is a perfect gift for a friend, family, gardener, or housewarming.

Package Includes: The package includes the 10-inch spinner with a 360-degree swivel connector and hanging clip.

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